The dead hand of the past

Welcome to my new blog! Anyone reading this is likely to be wondering why I actually started a new blog when I had a perfectly good one already up and running. The answer is, of course, the dead hand of the past.

I’ve been writing and, later, blogging through Blurred Productions since I was fourteen. It began as an instrument for distributing my (terrible) fiction to my friends and acquaintances, then became a blogging platform and as a way for me to keep up with my friends from high school (even later, undergraduate) as we scattered to the four winds. Over the last two years or so, as my life got increasily busy I allowed Blurred Productions to die a slow, painful death. The site went from having a small place in the comics blogosphere to being another half-death (these days, mostly dead) blog.

While my life did get busier, my love of blogging and sharing my opinions needlessly on the internet did not go away. I’ve tried periodically to restart BP but these attempts have universally fizzled. Many posts have been half-written in the “draft” folder of WordPress but I often ended up just deleting them. The weight of the history of Blurred Productions was just weighing me down. I always felt like a sort of failure from what I’d let that small (tiny and insignificant, really) part of the internet become.

Thus I have decided it is best to just start fresh with a new blog where I can (finally) blog under my real name. Smith Michaels was a great alias when I could get kicked out of school for bad-mouthing the administration but those days passed nearly a decade ago.

Over the next few weeks I will be gradually closing the doors of Blurred Productions. Luckily, I can do this (mostly) guilt free as the key contributors to BP have moved on to bigger and better things. I am very proud of them and am glad to have shared the same internet space with them for so long. In general, I am proud of and stand by most of what I wrote on Blurred Productions – especially about comics. Writing and blogging for that site was important to my intellectual development. For that reason, despite retiring the site, I will leaving the archives up and fully available. Despite my embarrassment at spelling & grammar mistakes and typos that plague my writing on BP, I am (generally speaking) opposed to removing things from the internet just because you’ve moved on. And, of course, a lot of those same kind of affronts to the English language will be present in this blog.

With that prologue out of the way, what can you expect from this blog?

This blog, generally speaking, will be dedicated to discussions of my various cultural interests – gaming, comics, television, and film. I will try and keep my day job as an insecure PhD student in history out of this online space (you can find my professional work here if it would interest you) but sometimes that will prove impossible. While I learned long ago that my political opinions matter little on the internet where such things are plentiful and there are infinitely better advocates for my politics, I can not entirely promise that this space will be completely free of political blogging. Usually, though, it will be about the intersection of politics and my cultural interests. I may even blog about veganism or, even, what is likely to live in this awesome/terible city that I have found myself in.

I am looking, generally, to have one or two pieces up here a week. Sometimes this will be more (likely during breaks or when I am attempting to escape work) and sometimes much less (during crunch time).

So, welcome to the brand new world of “Adulthood Pending.” We’ll just have to see how my return to blogging goes.


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