Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Episode 1: Shouting Noises into the Void

YCKMD_WORDS_FOR_INTERNET_USEWelcome to the very first episode of Youth Culture Killed My Dog, the internet’s most necessary podcast. This time out Roy Rogers, Tyler Oyler, and Jeff Kusterbeck discuss what they are most looking forward to in pop-culture over the course of this year. For just under one hour and twenty minutes they debate the latest season of Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, Captain America: Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, the Star Wars license moving to Marvel, the value (or lack there) of the new generation of video game consoles, D&D 5th edition, the latest from Marvel.NOW, and Roy employs a very tortured metaphor for what it is like to experience each season of Game of Thrones. General information about the podcast can be found here.

As this is our very first episode we ask for patience as we work out technical and editing issues with our audio.

You can click here to listen to the mp3 in a new window or right-click to download and save for later. We hope to have an iTunes feed available soon. UPDATE! We now have an iTunes feed.

Detailed show-notes are available below the fold. We welcome comments, questions, and feedback in the comment section below or by email or at yckmdpodcast[at]@[at] Thank you for checking out Youth Culture Killed My Dog and keep listening!

Show-notes for Episode One! By Roy!

SPOILER ALERT! This podcast contains spoilers ranging from the vaguely suggestive to the damnably particular. Listen at your own risk. I will mark particularly spoilerific moments.

00:00 – 00:45: Theme Music!  Our theme music is Bamboozled Again! by C.P.Bryan provided by

00:45 – 02:00: Introductions! Meet Roy, Jeff, and Tyler and our backstory. You can find the Blurred Productions archives here. Read at risk to your faith in our critical facilities.

2:00 – 4:53: Things really kick off with a discussion of the latest season of Parks & Rec. We discuss what we think is missing from season six, the problems with Tom’s character, what the departure of Rob Lowe & Rashida Jones means, and big hole left with the absence of Chris Pratt. Also: the Cones of Dunshire.

4:53 – 5:42: Jeff and Tyler attempt to broach the subject we were specifically not going to discuss and I confess that like Sherlock I simply must delete some things from my pop-cultural mind palace.

5:42 – 7:17: We return to our subject at hand, Parks & Rec, and commence some bashing on NBC.

7:17 – 11:48: VAGUE SPOILER WARNING as we discuss the upcoming season of Game of Thrones (trailer here – for the one person on the internets who hasn’t seen it). Topics include: how awful show-Dany’s character is (according to me), how Jon Snow in seasons one and two) is like a hobbit, and what Asha Greyjoy’s name is on GoT (it’s Yara). Bonus features include a very tortured metaphor explaining what it is like to experience Game of Thrones as a hard-core A Song of Ice & Fire fan.

11:48 – 12:38: We have an aborted discussion of the latest ASoIaF novella, the Princess and the Queen. I’ve read it and Jeff and Tyler have not.

12:38 – 17:10: What is nominally supposed to be a discussion of the latest season of Sherlock (thanks to the powers of the internet Jeff and I have seen it but honest-Tyler has not) turns into a discussion of the latest season of Downton Abbey. We discuss the pitfalls of the infamous Anna storyline, whether Downton is tapped as a show, and I argue for the awesomeness of Isobel Crowley as the ultimate early twentieth century middle-class meddler.

17:10 – 18:41: We actually turn our attention to Sherlock and declare Steven Moffat’s latest offering a “big ol’ shrug.” This leads to a discussion of shows which have gone off the rails including: Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar.

18:41 – 19:17: Tyler’s defense of BSG transitions us to a discussion of times in which we have cried thanks to popular culture.

19:17- 22:45: Tyler and Jeff engage in an extended discussion of Dan Harmon’s return to Community while I check out. Apparently the show is quite good again. We also continue our general discussion/bashing of NBC.

22:45 – 23:36: The general awfulness of Jeff Zucker’s tenure at NBC leads to a brief discussion of the general awfulness of his tenure at CNN. I also discuss the general terribleness of Wolf Blitzer.

23:36 – 29:47: GENERAL TOPIC SHIFT! We begin our discussion of upcoming movies with a good ramble about the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We were supposed to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy but mostly just talk about Captain America: the Winter Solider (the trailer is here). SPOILER WARNING for a very specific element of the plot to this movie (thanks to Ed Brubaker’s Captain America run). Other topics include: what MCU movies we disliked Agents of SHIELD, Thor 2, Once Upon a Time, and when the best time to see movies in New York City is.

29:47 – 35:54: We move on to discussing Bryan Singer’s return to genre films with X-Men: Days of Future Past (the trailer is here). Can it be worse than X3? Inquiring minds want to know. We also discuss the pseudo-announcement of X-Men: Apocalypse and I highlight how awful a film villain Apocalypse would be. For good measure we argue (from 34:05 – 34:59) about the importance of a “mid-Atlantic accent” to the character of the Beast and (from 35:14 – 35:41) Alexis Bledel as an action heroine.

35:54 – 42:56: We shift our general topic again and begin our discussion of video games, starting with Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age III. We debate the relative worth of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II (my defense of DA2 can be found here). Also discussed is the value of Bioware’s (in)famous dialogue wheel from Mass Effect and sex in Bioware games – from ME, DA, and the Old Republic. I suggest (at 38:00) how hilarious it would be to accidentally punch your love interest in the face though the dialogue wheel. To wrap things up, Jeff gives his opinion on combat in Bioware games – from Neverwinter Nights to Mass Effect 3.

42:56 – 46:36: Tyler and I discuss the best named game of 2014 – Bravely Default. If there is one thing you do today, dear listener, pre-order the game right now. We also chat about how great the 3DS is for use on public transit and the great library of games available for the system.

46:36 – 53:22: This brings us to our extended discussion of the latest generation of home video game consoles – the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and WiiU. We begin (at 48:09) with Tyler’s sales pitch for Nintendo’s latest and discuss the upcoming Smash Brothers game and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. We then complain about the lack of backwards compatibility on the PS4 and XBone along with the problems of streaming games reliably into a Brooklyn apartment. Jeff tries to convince me (at 52:33) to pronounce Shin Megami Tensei and we announce attempts by me to speak in foreign tongues as a listener reward. So keep listening in order to hear me butcher Japanese!

53:22 – 56:40: We briefly discuss the slew of Kickstarted games coming out in 2014 – in particular Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2. The extended interview the PCWorld (not PCGamer or Rock, Paper, Shotgun), which I discuss, can be found here. Talking about PoE brings up broader problems with previous Obsidian Entertainment games – like Dungeon Siege III, Knights of the Old Republic 2, and Fallout: New Vegas.

56:40 – 1:13:05: We shift general topics once again, this time to comics. 2013 was a pretty good year for comics and wonder what the four-color landscape will be for 2014. We kick this discussion off with the comics news of January – the upcoming shift of the Star Wars license from Dark Horse to Marvel.  From there we touch on (at 1:02:07) Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers, (at 1:03:01) Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley, (at 1:04:20) the upcoming All-New Ultimates launch, (at 1:05:07) more from Marvel.NOW, and (at 1:09:02) upcoming DC releases such as Justice League United.

1:13:05 – 1:18:41: Our final topic for this episode is the upcoming release of Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition. For reference my review of D&D 4th edition is broken to three different parts. Other topics include Tyler’s significant investment in 4th edition, why would someone actually buy the Manual of the Planes, and edition fatigue.

1:18:41 – 1:19:36: To end the episode we answer one simple question: will the Winds of Winter release in 2014?

1:19:36: Outro! Thanks for listening and see you next time


BONUS FEATURE! Below you’ll find our “best of 2013” lists.”




5.) Downton Abbey

4.) Game of Thrones

3.) Venture Brothers

2.) The Legend of Korra

1.) Parks & Rec


5.) Kentucky Route Zero

4.) BioShock: Infinite

3.) Crusader Kings II – The Old Gods

2.) Europa Universalis IV*

1.) Fire Emblem: Awakening


5.) Hawkeye

4.) The Unwritten

3.) Saga

2.) Mind Mgmt

1.) Young Avengers



5.) Game of Thrones

4.) Orange is the New Black

3.) House of Cards

2.) Parks & Rec

1.) Community


5.) Disney Infinity

4.) Pikmin 3

3.) Animal Crossing

2.) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

1.) Wind Waker HD


5.) Aquaman

4.) Wonder Woman

3.) Thor

2.) Young Avengers

1.) The Unwritten



5.) BF4

4.) Hotline Miami

3.) The Room

2.) Slender

1.) Bioshock Infinite


5.) Arrested Development

4.) Boardwalk Empire

3.) Venture Brothers

2.) Game of Thrones

1.) Breaking Bad


5.) Fast and Furious 6

4.) This is the End/The World’s End

3.) Upstream Color

2.) Gravity

1.) Wolf of Wall Street


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