Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Episode 5: I Don’t Want to Insult Machiavelli

In the fifth episode of Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Roy Rogers, Christopher Fannon, and Jeff Kusterbeck discuss the latest news and reviews in American pop-culture – comics, movies, and television. Over the course of two hours our topics include: True Detective, Captain Marvel #1 from Marvel, the recent Marvel movie universe special on ABC, Diablo 3 and its upcoming new expansion Reaper of Souls, the upcoming Fargo television show, and a spoiler filled preview of the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones.YCKMD_WORDS_FOR_INTERNET_USE

As we are just getting this podcast started we ask for patience as we work out technical and editing issues with our audio.

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Show-notes for Episode Five! By Roy!

SPOILER ALERT! This podcast contains spoilers ranging from the vaguely suggestive to the damnably particular. Listen at your own risk. I will mark particularly spoilerific moments.

00:00 – 00:45: Theme Music!  Our theme music is Bamboozled Again! by C.P.Bryan provided by

00:45 – 1:47: Introductions! Today Jeff and I are joined by Chris(topher) Fannon, a fellow Blurred Productions alum. Chris joins us FROM THE FUTURE!! For the year he’s living in Japan, where today is tomorrow.

1:47 – 7:54: We begin this episode with a frequent topic – the Amazing Spider-Man 2. The latest trailer can be found here. Chris and Jeff are ambivalent and my feelings are only slightly warmer. We discuss the perennial concern of the film turning into a new version of Spider-Man 3. Other topics include: the problems and expense of daytime special effects, the Rhino fight from the trailer, and Andrew Garfield’s accent(s).

7:54 – 11:59: Our discussion of Andrew Garfield’s accents shifts us to talking about Martin Freeman’s upcoming turn in the television version of Fargo. We agree that it is likely a disaster of epic proportions. We also discuss other weird recent adaptions of 1996 movies.

11:59 – 23:17: Next we move onto a discussion of the recent Marvel movie universe special, which aired on ABC.  We talk like plot points for Avengers 2, the first ten minutes of Captain America: the Winter Solider, and the Marvel version of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver designs. We also have a very SPOILER HEAVY discussion of Iron Man 3 and how it may lead into Avengers 2. Be warned, true believer. Also: what is it like to see American movies in Japan?

23:17 – 29:23: Horror upon horror, Jeff and my talk of what may happen in the season finale of Parks & Recreation leads to the discovery that Chris hasn’t watched the show. We spend the next few minutes trying to convince him to watch the show and talk a bit about the problems of the first and second seasons of both Parks and The Office.

29:23 – 40:41: Sparked the new expansion – Reaper of Souls – and the end of the micro-transaction heavy Auction House, we spend extended period discussing the flaws (and a few of the successes) of Diablo 3. We focus, particularly, on the game’s awful story. The general terribleness of D3 leads us to a more general discussion of the decline of Blizzard Entertainment more generally. Thrill as a chart the decreasing quality of each recent Blizzard outing! Shudder as Jeff places the blame firmly with Chris Metzen. Laugh at my tortured relationship with World of Warcraft! [In-joke, reference ALERT! We discuss our friend Dan Donahoe here]

40:41 – 48:35: SPOILERS AHOY! Jeff and I now review a few recent comics from Marvel – Fantastic Four #1 and Captain Marvel #1. Jeff shares the same opinion as me on FF #1 (as I expressed in our last episode) but we disagree about Captain Marvel. Jeff isn’t too hot on it, but I see some potential. Also discussed: the problems with the story telling technique “in medias res.” Bonus feature: me reading some terrible James Robinson dialogue.

HEAVY SPOILER ALERT!! The next two segments contain detailed spoilers for Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice & Fire, and True Detective. Folks who have NOT read all of the ASoI&F books (through A Dance with Dragons) and watched all seasons of Game of Thrones and True Detective should listen at their own risk.

48:35 – 1:24:37: This segment is a SPOILER HEAVY preview of the upcoming (April 6th) fourth season of Game of Thrones. Chris, Jeff, and I discuss what we’re looking for during the season, how will they break up the fourth and fifth books into individual seasons, what major changes in plot seem to be in the making, recasting, how to keep secrets from the audience, and the big question of if GoT will catch up with George R.R. Martin’s writing schedule.

1:24:37 – 1:27:34: Transitions, transitions, transitions. We talk about the existence of Japanese versions of Netflix and Hulu then Jeff and I say good-bye to Chris and prepare to discuss True Detective (which Chris hasn’t seen yet).  This is your final warning, detailed spoilers for the whole first season of True Detective is central to the next segment.

1:27:34 – 1:56:28: Jeff and I give a full and detailed review of the first season of True Detective. HEAVY SPOILERS follow, of course. Besides praising the show our discussion touches on the show’s themes, post-modernism, sexism, the troubling female characters of the first season, the Yellow King, the nature of modern policing, and what might happen in the second season of True Detective.

1:56:28: Outro! Talk to you next time!


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