Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Episode 6: Onion Layers of Spoiler Warnings

In the sixth episode of Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Roy Rogers, Christopher Fannon, and Jeff Kusterbeck discuss the latest news and reviews in American pop-culture – comics, movies, and television.Over the course of just over two hours our topics include: Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Moon Knight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey, the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, Attack on Titan, and a detailed, spoiler-filled review of the fourth season premiere of Game of Thrones.YCKMD_WORDS_FOR_INTERNET_USE

As we are just getting this podcast started, we ask for patience as we work out technical and editing issues with our audio.

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Show-notes for Episode Six! By Roy!

SPOILER ALERT! This podcast contains spoilers ranging from the vaguely suggestive to the damnably particular. Listen at your own risk. I will mark particularly spoilerific moments.

00:00 – 00:39: Theme Music!  Our theme music is Bamboozled Again! by C.P.Bryan provided by

00:45 – 00:54: Introductions! Today Jeff and I are joined by Chris(topher) Fannon. As always Chris joins us from THE FUTURE!

00:54 – 7:28: We begin this episode with an all over the place discussion of Marvel Comics’ upcoming summer mega-event, Original Sin. Besides providing a summary of the known plot details we discuss crossover tie-in naming conventions, releasing differing products under similar names, and how Original Sin seems kinda like a remix of DC Comics’ (terrible) Identity Crisis. Shudder as I realize that Identity Crisis is ten fucking years old.

7:28 – 8:50: We briefly go over the pending end of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. Sad face, is all there is. Sad face.

8:50 – 13:35: Next up is a discussion on the coming end to the long running Gamespy multiplayer service. What games will this impact? Will companies go back and support older games? We tackle these and other issues, like the problems with Creative Assembly games and our personal histories with multiplayer strategy games. There are some minor sound issues during this segment.

13:35 – 15:56: Gamespy brings us to a discussion of Japanese arcade culture. Chris explains his explorations of this unique Japanese gaming outlet while I reminisce about Gauntlet and Gauntlet Legends and Jeff says a few insightful things about the relationship between arcade games and the origins of micro-transaction based MMOs.

15:56 – 19:30: Jeff’s insightfulness transitions us over to discussion of MMOs and micro-transactions. Here I provide you, loyal listener, with a detailed critical defense of Bioware’s The Old Republic. (Note: I promised something like this like five years ago) Tito and I hash out the problems with the “World of Warcraft model” for MMOs and how Final Fantasy XIV may break from it (neither of us have actually played the game). 19:30 – 21:09: We return to the nominal topic at hand and express a general sadness at the end of a gaming institution.

21:09 – 32:52: Now begins an extended discussion of the upcoming Godzilla movie (the trailer is here). Other topics include: the perils and pitfall of adapting key stories from other culture’s milieu (i.e. Godzilla or 47 Ronin), disaster porn, Matthew Broderick’s Godzilla movie from the 1990s, Cloverfield, Chronicle, and what it would be like to see the dubbed version of Transformers 4 in Japan. The key question is, really, could Godzilla fully destroy all of human civilization?

32:52 – 41:13: We begin the review segment of this episode with a detailed discussion, by Chris, of the Attack on Titan anime. We also chat about my love of dubbed anime over subs and the broader sub v. dub debate. We highlight a few well dubbed series (Persona 4, Cowboy Bebop, Princess Mononoke) and the upcoming English dub of AoT (available June 3rd in the US).

41:13 – 50:44: Jeff and I finally get around to reviewing Moon Knight #1 by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey. Needless to say, we loved it. Expect us to talk about the following issues in future episodes.

50:44 – 1:01:35: Next up is the series finale to How I Met Your Mother. SPOILER ALERT, during my four minute continuous rant, for the one hour final episode. Besides the finale we also discuss the broader problems of HIMYM (sexism, homophobia, etc.) the issues with long-running sitcoms, and the poor way monogamous couples are often written on TV shows. I also answer Chris and Jeff’s questions about HIMYM.

HEAVY SPOILER ALERT!! The next four segments contain detailed spoilers for all seasons and episodes Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice & Fire, and Captain America: the Winter Solider. Folks who have NOT read all of the ASoI&F books (through A Dance with Dragons and the Winds of Winter preview chapters) and watched all seasons of Game of Thrones and the Winter Soldier should listen at their own risk. The level of spoilers for each segment will be marked below.

1:01:35 – 1:24:05: We begin the first of three segments on the season premiere of Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice & Fire more broadly. HEAVY SPOILERS for the first episode of the fourth season of GoT and a few mild to serious SPOILERS drawn from the broader book series. Generally this segment is safe for folks who are ONLY GoT watchers and are not book readers. There is one particular big spoiler, however, at 1:14:13. Besides a discussion of the features of this excellent episode (which I had not seen at the time of recording) this segment also features me harping on about how poorly adapted Robb’s storyline was in the previous seasons.

1:24:05 – 1:30:04: This segment contains HEAVY SPOILERS for BOTH all episodes of Game of Thrones AND the broader ASoI&F book series. If you are NOT a book reader it is NOT recommended that you listen to this segment. Listen at your own risk as we discuss changes made to certain storylines. Thrill as I mispronounce and butcher character names I should well know! (This becomes a theme of the rest of the episode)

1:30:04 – 1:41:43: This segment contains HEAVY SPOILERS for the unreleased ASoI&F novel the Winds of Winter based on a recent sample chapter, “Mercy,” released by George R.R. Martin. If sample chapters ain’t your thing, then listen at your own risk.

1:41:43 – 1:48:30: As we transition from talking Game of Thrones to reviewing Captain America: the Winter Soldier we discuss my upcoming visit to Boston for PAX East 2014 and, sadly, say goodbye to Chris for this episode (Japan hasn’t gotten the Winter Solider yet). I promise you, loyal listener, to bring you something back from PAX.

1:48:30 – 2:03:44: Heil Hydra! Jeff and I review last weekend’s release of Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Needless to say, HEAVY SPOILERS, as we discuss the place of this film in the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe, the politics of SHIELD, the post-credits sequence, Captain America: tWS v. Man of Steel, and Avengers 2 and 3 (please, oh please, no Civil War).

2:03:44: Outro! Talk to you next time loyal listener!


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