Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Episode 11: I Expect Nothing Of This Show But I Am Still Going To Be Let Down

In the eleventh episode of Youth Culture Killed My Dog, Roy Rogers, Christopher Fannon, Tyler Oyler, and Jeff Kusterbeck discuss the latest news and reviews in American pop-culture – comics, movies, and television. In honor the release of the fifth edition of Dungeon & Dragons we discuss everything D&D – the ups and downs of each edition, the role the game has played in our lives, the possibilities and pitfalls of DMing, THACO, edition creep, and much more. Also on the docket for this episode are discussions of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, the latest Super Smash Brothers announcements, and recent comments by the showrunner of NBC’s upcoming Constantine.YCKMD_WORDS_FOR_INTERNET_USE

As we are just getting this podcast started, we ask for patience as we work out technical and editing issues with our audio.

You can click here to listen to the mp3 in a new window or right-click to download and save for later. You can also subscribe or listen to the episode through our iTunes feed.

Virtually non-existent show-notes are available below. We welcome comments, questions, and feedback there or by email at You can also subscribe, review, or comment on this podcast on iTunes. Thank you for checking out Youth Culture Killed My Dog and keep listening!


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
NBC’s Constantine
The Baldur’s Gate series
Neverwinter Nights
The Wolf Among Us
Walking Dead the Game: Season One
Walking Dead the Game: Season Two
Game of Thrones the Game
Tales from the Borderlands

PLUG: The Twenty Sided Store.


Roy’s original reviews of D&D 4th Edition – here, here, & here.


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