Picture of RoyThis is the personal blog of Roy Rogers. It is meant as an internet outlet for his opinions on his various cultural interests – mainly television, gaming, comic books, and film. Sometimes his day job (as a history PhD student) will sometimes flow over here. His professional website & blog can be found here. From 2002 until 2011, Roy was the editor-in-chief and chief writer for the group blog Blurred Productions, which he has since retired.

The pre-history of this blog & its mission statement can be found here.

As of January 2014 this space also hosts the podcast Youth Culture Killed My Dog, featuring many alumni from Blurred Productions.

Roy’s goal is to blog here regularly. Life is likely to get in the way.


  • Roy Rogers is his real name. His full name is Roy Richard Rogers Jr.
  • Roy is not related to or named after the restaurant or the cowboy.
  • However, he is named after his father. Who was named after the cowboy.
  • Roy is a native of Northern Virginia but has also lived in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and, now, New York City.
  • Roy is a PhD candidate in early American history at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He received his MA in History from George Mason University in 2010. His undergraduate degree is from Shepherd University.
  • His academic speciality is the political and cultural history of disestablishment and the separation of church and state in the early American republic. He is currently writing a dissertation on church-state politics in early national Maryland and Virginia.
  • In his past Roy has worked at two different (but equally excellent) comic book stores. He then worked at pseudo-Christian book store for a year. It was awful. He then worked at Borders – where the fellow employees (and local management) were great but the corporate management was terrible.
  • Roy is a regular contributor to The Junto: A group blog on early American history and a steady panelist on its monthly podcast, The JuntoCast .
  • Despite a love of writing & blogging, Roy is a terrible speller (is that a word?) and is prone to spelling & grammar mistakes along with plenty of typos.
  • Politically, Roy is a liberal downwardly mobile white male.
  • Writing in third person is hard and sort of pretentious.
  • Despite whatever you may read here, Roy doesn’t actually like anything.

  • Roy thinks the best show currently on television is Parks & Recreation.
  • Roy’s favorite movie of all-time is The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Roy strongly believes that Mad Men is the Twilight of the American cultural elite.
  • Roy considers himself a post-Vatican II Star Wars fan – he has chosen to just accept the prequel trilogy and Lucas’ constant meddling in the original films.
  • For a long time last comic book Roy purchased was Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour. This changed and now he is reading lots of books regularly!
  • Roy has read more Star Wars novels then he should ever admit too.

Roy can be contacted via e-mail: fauxintel [@at@] gmail.com.

If Roy really strikes your fancy, you can find the rest of his online presence here.


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