“Adulthood Pending” is my blog. As the subtitle “I’m interested in things” says, it is meant to be about my various interests. Thus any commentator is consider a guest in this (virtual) space. Thus I reserve the right to moderate all comments, based on the policies below. I also reserve the right to modify these policies at anytime.


I reserve the right to edit at anytime, and without notification, any post on this blog for spelling, grammar, or typographical mistakes. Such changes will not be marked. All other changes of posts on this blog – for content, clarification, or otherwise – will be marked as UPDATED.


The following comment policy is in affect for this blog.

  • Commentators are welcome (even encouraged) to disagree with me and with their fellows but please do so in ways are designed to encourage conservation and debate and not shut it down.
  • Please keep all comments on topic or at the very least on a closely related topic.
  • This blog is a safe (virtual) space for people(s) of all race, classes, and genders. Homophobic, racist, and sexists comments will not be tolerated.
  • Trolling, flaming, sock-puppets, advertising, and all other forms of internet bad-behavior is not welcome.
Any comments violating these policies or that are given in bad faith will be deleted.


All content (minus linked images & video, which are copyright of their respective owners) are  copyright 2011 Roy Rogers. All rights reserved. The opinions expressed by commenters are their opinion alone and not the opinion of Roy Rogers. The opinions expressed on this blog are not the opinions of any institution – past, present, or future – that employes (or employed) Roy Rogers. These opinions remain entirely his.

Please don’t sue me.


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